Meet the Chickens


Every day I feel so blessed to live in the country. I’m thankful for the birds singing outside my window, I’m happy for the wide open spaces, I’m grateful that I have enough space for a strawberry patch, but most of all, I’m overjoyed to be able to have a small mixed flock of chickens and guinea fowl.

I love my chickens.  Going out and sitting with the flock for half an hour is so therapeutic. It forces me to slow down and spend time in nature. Random wanderings often lead them to my side, where they circle around me, picking at my toes and giving me quizzical looks. Their appreciation for a blade of green grass or the way they chase a mosquito never fails to make me laugh. They don’t discriminate- every person with a handful of treats is a great person, and even if you don’t have treats you are still welcomed (with the exception of the rooster, but that’s another story 😉 ).

Spring is a time of rebirth, a time of regeneration, a new morning after the long night of winter. Nothing can be compared to the joy my birds have when the first blades of grass start to poke through the damp earth. Their soft mutterings and happy noises add to the songs of the spring birds that return to rebuild their nests and raise a new brood of babies.

The space around the chicken yard is peaceful too. There are old crab apple trees that bloom during spring, filling the air with their soft scent and attracting many bees and insects that hum and buzz around the blossoms. The air warms up and the new leaves smell sweet and sticky.

I took a glass of quick iced tea out and sat with my flock one afternoon recently, which proved effective at relieving some stress that’s been building over the past few days. Whether or not you have chickens, taking a glass of tea and sitting in nature is a lovely thing to do. Even fifteen minutes is good. Smell the spring air. Listen to the birds, and see if you can identify any. Watch the clouds. Sip your tea. Spring is a wonderful time to be alive.


For quick iced tea:

Take whatever leftover tea  you have lying around. I often have half a jar of tea left over from breakfast or sometimes from recipe testing the day before. It won’t be cold, but it won’t be hot either. Pour it into a small jar, throw a handful of ice cubes in and stir a spoonful of simple syrup or a pinch of sugar. I suggest using a mason jar because it’s harder to break than a cup or glass and can have a lid put on it (to keep out bugs or for storing for later).




Green & Fruity (Davids Tea)

Chickens/Guinea Fowl: it was a hot day so some of them are panting 🙂

2nd pic-(left to right) Gelato, Dolce, Miss Piranha

3rd pic-(left to right) Fluffy, Broody, Owl, Gelato, Dolce, Miss Piranha

4th pic- Barracuda, Owl (background)

5th pic- Barracuda

6th pic- Miss Picasso

8th pic- Squeaky III (guinea)


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