Strawberry Cream









Who else is ready for spring? Winter is cozy, but sometimes I just feel housebound when it’s cold, snowy, and cloudy out. Thankfully it’s been warm over here, and sunny too, but it’s still pretty quiet outdoors. I’m looking forward to the spring birds coming back, and having fresh goodies from the garden again.

I am in love with this new tea from Tea Desire! I accidentally stumbled across their sweet little shop while I was browsing in a mall one afternoon. They have a great selection of tea, and their tea accessories are so cute. I have my eye on this tea set for one; how adorable is that little fox?! Although it’s been a while since I was able to visit their shop (Almost a year! Yikes!), when I was there I picked up a few nice teas, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on my favourite one- Strawberry Cream.

This tea is fruity and fragrant- like a warm, freshly picked strawberry in a cup. It has a beautiful dark maroon colour and a slight hint of sweetness. I suggest making a big pot of it just before guests arrive- it’ll make your kitchen smell like a strawberry field! I also love the fact that it is a rooibos tea- those are my favourites 🙂

This tea is worth a try, friends! I recommend serving it with a slice of strawberry shortcake or just plain sliced strawberries topped with coconut cream.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you all next Thursday with a  recipe post and more tea!


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